Education connects people who are from different origin, place, Community, Opinions, Ideology. It helps students to access knowledge from the unique states of mind. To experience globalisation students need to study about research and development of other countries. The challenges we encounter in daily life can be countered with the study of solutions given by other nation’s research as one can learn from the experiences of developed countries.
In developing nation like India where world’s second largest population exist with ambitious students who are often unable to get admission in top ranked universities due to limited seats. Consequently they have to compromise with their dream or struggle in absence of proper guidance and counselling.

Videshi Shikha assist students to find their dream career in foreign countries where they can study in top ranking international universities with scholarships. Students can get admission from India directly online and apply for various scholarships programmes offered by foreign universities.

Videshi Shiksha works as bridge between foreign universities and India students. Students can find necessary information about universities and their admission procedure. One can find courses with or without scholarships or low budget.

Students are advised to go through the check list of required documents and part time job options in destination country which is very important to the cost of living expenses in foreign country (students allowed to do part time job with their study). Students can work up to 20 hours in a week( with their student visa) in countries like Germany, Canada, UK, Australia, France, USA, New Zealand and other EU nations.