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Scope & Career in French language


Learning Foreign Languages is always essential, depending upon from which profession you belong to or in which field of area you want to pursue you career in

1.     For Medical Aspirants– If you want to study MBBS after completing your bachelors in India, most of us have budget restrictions or if we do not have any,  only few students manage to clear the entrance exam while others  ended up with compromising their dream. Now the question arises that what should you do in that circumstance?

 You have other options as well, you can seek admission in foreign universities which provides you both affordable and quality medical education at almost no cost.


If you are practicing medical and willing to work abroad learning foreign language is equally beneficial for you.

If you are planning for P.G or BDS, studying in Germany can transform your life, as it offers specialization in different fields of medical area.

 Working or studying medical from abroad helps you to get connect with the country emerging as attractive destination for research and clinical fields.



Nursing/ dental  aspirants-In India, professions like these,  doesn’t seems with the respect. In our society people have belief that candidates from highly reputed families doesn’t indulge in these profession, either they become doctor or go for research field and the reason behind this, there’s no substantial progression has been reported since years in this field.

On the other hand if we talk about European countries, the number of nursing  and dental staff is not adequate to meet the current and targeted needs of the globe. The European government offers free hand to them and willing to give very handsome pay scale which is enough to lead a lavish life.




2.     For Non – medical – Field including Bio-technology , Micro biology ,Bio informatics, Genetics, Bio- medical research –Non- medical field requires lots  of research work. In India no doubt, we do have talented students and hardworking professors but despite of that, we lack in somewhere, due to inadequacy  of research programs and resources including some government policies, pursuing career in non- medical field from India  seems unrewarding to us.


Again question arises if not in India then from where?

We do have solution of this challenge:  Pursuing same career in foreign is possible where Germany lacks nowhere with its technical competence, German universities provides infinite number resource programs and resources to create advancement and well -being of your career.



3.     For MSc  biology aspirants– After completing bachelors degree masters is required

You have options like Masters in  Micro- biology , Biotechnology , Bio informatics or even Physiotherapy. Again, research from countries like Germany or France offers you better career options along with the proficiency in French or German, the process of obtaining employment becomes faster.


4.     For Engineeringfor those students who are seeking for higher education in engineering in mechanics or Mechatronics  from abroad, learning foreign language can do wonders for their professional skills.



The job of civil engineer requires lot of travelling and working in India as civil engineer might be tiring and troubling but if we see life of an engineer in countries like Dubai or Saudi Arabia, profession of engineering whether its mechanical or civil seems one of the most respected profession. In this way proficiency in foreign language help you to meet your requirements and provide you that lavish life.


5.     Jobs in international welfare societies  : working in international organizations like  NATO, United nations, UNESCO,EU not only gives you place to gain experience but also provides you multicultural environment with a very high pay scale. Learning language enhances the possibilities for working for these international societies.


6.     For the commerce students, job seekers and business professionals– if you want to pursue B.com/ M.com , C.A /C.S or any other program, mastering in languages is always been a constructive and profitable idea. It not only enhances your skills but also extends career upliftment along with substantial financial reward before you.


And if you are job seeker in the same field, companies often hires bilingual or multilingual seekers over the people who are not enough linguistic smart.


Multilingualism is a good idea for any economy. Communicating in the same language as that of your clients makes an effective communication and helps you to reach out for trust building which lasts long in the area of business.


7.     For aspirants of art, literature and language –if you are interested in art, culture, French language offers you endless options. When it comes to studying art history, France counts most. The country known for artistic center of Europe offers great opportunities like study and internship in artistic field.


And if you want to become linguistic smart then you should begin with French as the language shows some similarities with Spanish, Italian which allows learners to pick up basic level of conversation of any language.


8.     For Teachers and Lecturer– If teaching is your profession so it is very important for you to build good relationship with your students along with that if you have mastery in French language, then you can teach French through English language. French government hires English teachers to teach French language to their students and in return they willing to pay a very handsome

salary. In this way language opens a source of employment for you



9.     Career as Translators and Interpreters if you take interest in working as free-lancer in different areas including blogging, content writing,  translation.

 All these jobs seems quite challenging when you face some difficulties with thought process. To become translator or interpreter it is very important to write or express your views in the same language in which the other person wants to listen .  Learning a new language gives you a chance to express your views in several languages. And when it comes to take a job you will need proficiency in foreign languages.


Interpretation where you have to deal with the people who are speaking fluently and colloquially, simultanously you need to be equally spontaneous and accurate.


10.                        For Hospitality Industry- language plays very important role in any field, whether it’s tourist guide or tourist escort. If you are not allowing to go abroad you can utilize your language skills in India also

Every year millions of foreigners visit India, they seek for a person who guides them and show them around in their native language.

11.                        For Fashion Aspirants if you are making your way towards fashion industry then Paris,  what we call “ fashion City”  is the brilliant option for you. Like any other field it requires good communication skill

 If you are able to speak in different languages other than English, it helps you to build up better and deeper connection with the important people in the industry.

Besides that, many French companies whether clothing such as  Chanel, Christian Dior, Rose Valois, Lise Charmel, Dior or cosmetics companies namely  L’Oréal, Sisley Paris. Yves Saint Laurent etc. offers you great opportunities of working in their companies.

12.                        For aspirants of Journalism and Journalist- being conversant in several languages, helps you to connect and better understanding of any story. And if you are one of them who travel country to country to capture different events. Then learning language helps you to communicate with the people in particular country.

13.                        Government employees In our Country, government sector seems the most preferred options. If you are in any government job, your profession considered as a big achievement for various reasons and myths. But in India, government teachers are forced to get indulged in non- teaching work like duties in census  polio camps, rallies, campaigns .Due to these types of duties or camps they tend to loose that passion of teaching.

And consequently they get frustrate and unable to maintain that quality standard of teaching.


14.                        For Bloggers, Writers , Speakers–  if writing interests you, you tend to pen down every single experience you came across. Along with that if learning new languages is your passion. Then you have box full of options before you. You will be able to open up your thoughts, your genuine experiences and even your vulnerabilities in several languages.

Companies pay very level headed amount to the aspirants who want to work as free- lancers

15.                        For Travelholics, You-tubers – travelling has become very popular nowadays, so  if you love to travel, then apart from studies, you can add up languages with your hobby. If you learn languages, you’d like to enjoy your experiences like food, drinks, music, culture of that particular place  more deeply.

If you are one of them who love to make videos on YouTube, you present yourself before viewers and spectators, they expect some informative content. You can generate employment source through fast paced technology by sharing some relevant content.