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MBBS From china

If you’ve passed 12th class, with average marks or you have taken NEET and scored low marks and still want to pursue Medical as Career, then you can think of China.

In India, nearly 600 out of 720 marks are required to get qualified and placed in good Medical college, while  on the other hand, studying in China is not a bad idea at all,  as Chinese universities take admissions even if you have scored low in really cheap and affordable cost.

Students who want an expensive Medical degree can choose China as an option. Also,  there are no of scholarships programs are being offered to international students 

Apart from that, after completing your MBBS,  there are MCI recognised institutes which offers max seats to Indian students out of 3,370 seats.  So this is an additional point for us. 


If you want to study Engineering or Humanities, studying in China is an good option 

Also,  if you have intention to secure a well paying job or continue at PG level.

When it comes to study abroad or anywhere, the reputation of university is equally important and it is no secret that Chinese universities are respected all over the world

There are universities in China that offers specialization in Engineering in a low budget.

So all you need to learn Chinese language and get yourself benefitted with amazing scholarship programs offered by Chinese Universities.


Scope and Career in Chinese Language by Profession

Learning Mandarin Chinese can be really beneficial for you,in this fast-paced world 

1. As an Instructor : If you have done with your bachelors and want to take a reputable job In teaching field then start learning Mandarin  Chinese.

If you develop Chinese language along with your academics,then it will surely going to help you.  You can teach English language to Chinese as Chinese government seeks for the people who can teach English through Chinese language and in return they are willing to pay  attractive salaries. For this you need Chinese proficiency certificate(TEFL Certificate) to prove your linguistic capability in Chinese.

2.  As Subtitler Or Transcriber : Transcriber is the one who listens to audios and transcribes the dialogues into text. If you have good command over Chinese, you can work as free lancer and and this is one of the most exciting job

Through this, you can take advantage of your linguistic ability and can make good money.

3. Chinese Tutor : It is a great way to earn yourself a WORK VISA in China, if you wish to go abroad. 

If you have proficiency in Chinese, you can work as Tutor which is one of the rewarding Career if you want to earn money by investing your language skills.

4. Multimedia Professionals : Nowadays, everybody is fascinating about entertainment and want to earn through this, so if you’re one of them, learning Chinese can help you a lot in boosting your career.

Many successful Bollywood, Hollywood movies are being dubbed and release in Chinese language can help you to earn an interesting career.

For this you do not need any good academic background,  you can work as Dubbing Artists and translators and can earn handsome money.

5. In Embassies/International Agencies : if you’ve earned mastery in Chinese language, you can take advantage of your communication skills by working in  Business organizations namely World Bank,  International Monetary Funds,  World Economic Forum 

These organizations often seeks speakers who can communicate in Chinese  and in return they pay very elegant salaries to their employees.

6. As Professionally Qualified Technicians : In the field of Management and technical, there are many enterprises who seeks for professional technicians world wide, who have sound mandarin Chinese in order to facilitate their day to day Business Communication and Inter-corporate deals with an ease .

So if you’ve started learning Chinese,  you can earn very good amount along with learning.