This test was designed to determine a student’s level of Russian language. TORFL system has been ratified by the Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE), and the European Council. The TORFL Certificate is recognized by all Russian official establishments and other organizations outside of Russia.

 THE EUROPEAN LANGUAGE CERTIFICATES (TELC) are international standardized tests of ten languages. TELC language tests can be taken in EnglishGermanTurkishSpanishFrenchItalianPortugueseRussianPolish, and Arabic TELC language exams can be taken in over 3,000 test centers in 20 countries.-


The TORFL test consists of 6 different levels:

A1 (TEU: Test Of Elementary level)Minimum level of knowledge of the Russian language, enough for a limited number of situations in everyday life

A2 (TBU: Test Of Basic level)Starting level of knowledge of the Russian language enough to communicate. This is the minimum level for operating any professional activity for a limited extent.

B1 (ToRFL-I: the first level)-The average level of the Russian language, which allows you to communicate at home, educational and professional fields.

B2 (TORFL-II: the second level)Sufficiently high level of knowing Russian language, which is enough for communication in all spheres of activity. This level allows to work in engineering, humanitarian and Natural-scientific areas. The certificate of this level is necessary to obtain a bachelor’s, master’s or specialists degree.

C1 (TORFL -III: third level)This level is possible to conduct professional activity in Russian as the philologist, the translator, the editor, the journalist, the diplomat, the manager working in Russian-speaking collective.

C2 (TORFL -IV: fourth level)-This level is comparable with the native speaker’s level. It is necessary for receiving of the diploma of the master-philologist which grants the right to all types of teaching and research activities in the field of Russian.


TORFL consists of 5 parts

·         reading test

·         spelling test

·         lexicon test

·         listening test

·         speaking test


Usually the exam is held over a period of 2 days. On the first day candidates take the “Writing”, “Vocabulary/Grammar” and “Reading” parts, on the second day – “Listening” and “Speaking” parts. 

A passing score amounts to 66% (from 100% for each part of the TORFL test). In case you don’t gain the required amount of passing score in one of the subtests, you may pass this subtest of the test once again during a year




TORFL exams are not being conducted in INDIA.

G-RACE provides certificate course in Russian language as per CEFR* pattern

*Common European Framework of Reference for Languages 

Reasons to learn Russian

1.      Russian Language Improves Your Employment Opportunities

2.      Russian language is commonly used in diplomatic exchanges.

3.      Russian companies are in an increasing need of people who master both English and Russian to become their translators.

4.      Russian culture can be discovered through its literature and language.  

5.      After acquiring the ability to have a conversation in Russian, making friends will become much easier; it’s as if a veil will be taken off, and Russians will instantly become welcoming and friendly.

6.      Russian will completely change the way you tackle learning other languages and your surroundings.

7.      Russian is a Slavic language. Learning Russian can help set you up to learn Ukrainian, Belorussian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Polish, Czech, and Slovak. These languages all use either the Cyrillic or Modified Latin alphabet.

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