French Language Jobs

◉ Information Technology

At the global level, IT sector has been a domain which attracts millions of job seekers in India as well as abroad every year.  With the good understanding of technology and linguistic skills can get you chance to work world’s leading companies.

In India

Tata Consultancy service (TCS) –Prominent  IT company in India. TCS has now placed among the most valuable IT services brand in the world economy

Consulting and business organization look forward for the aspirants who have good command over technology along with language competence to facilitate smooth communication with the clients.

If you have language proficiency of  Foreign languages and you’re  seeking a job in the area of information technology, your search ends here because  this is no less than a jackpot for you in your native country.

Eligibility Criteria: Good coverage over technology as well as B1 or B2 level of French, German, Spanish or Italian i.e,  Zertifikat Deutsch (German), CILS, or CELI (Italian), DELF/DALF (French), DELE or SIELE (Spanish).  

Infosys: As everybody is awared that Infosys is one of the well- known  multinational corporation in India, which was established in 1981.

It hires aspirants on the basis on language proficiency in India, so if you are not allowed to go abroad, you have a good scope of working and utilizing your skills on your motherland.

For this you are required to have clarity of languages in addition to technical skills You can work as IT service desk analyst, service desk administrator( French, German, Spanish ) technical architect, team leader, software support analyst( French or German language) etc.

Famed companies like HCL and WIPRO also provides the opportunity to transform your business skills together with expertise in foreign languages through digital technology

Language Requirements: Minimum 2+ years experience in French, Spanish, German to ensure the implementation of  financial data/ reporting and other operational skills to support the technical operations.

Other companies like Intel, Adobe, CISCO, you can get benefitted of  your linguistic capability  in these Enterprises and can expect high payscale.

ACTS – Famous Technology Consulting firm endeavouring linguistic They look ahead for German experts to carry out expertise in Business Processes along with Social Media Management.

Language Skills required :  A2 or B1 level German language competency. So, if you have linguistic abilities in addition with technical skills and trying to seek a platform to exhibit your capabilities, nothing is endurable for you in the state of Rajasthan at Jaipur

POINT TO BE NOTICED :  If you have A2 Proficiency of the German, this company gives opportunity to their employees to adapt the language If you have taken German exam, and get succeed, exam fees will be given by the Company                                                                                                  

◉  Job scopes for students of Commerce

If you have done bachelors of commerce or masters of commerce and trying your hand on Charted Accounting or Company Secretary and despite of taking CA Foundation, you’re not able to pass the exam

Or if you have cleared your CA foundation and facing challenges in IPCC or Intermediate, and because of this you’re getting frustrated

We have a solution of this problem, if you develop linguistic ability meanwhile, you can have a big chance to work with outstanding organization in India.

There are the companies which makes you employable on the basis of your language proficiency along with the business skills
AXA BS – AXA BS is a leading corporation looks forward for candidates who have good cheer over linguistics in addition with marketing skills in order to promote implementing and improvement ideas regarding business

Language requirements
◉ With Good Communications skills you need
◉ B2 or C1 level of French Proficiency (Certified) to carry out daily tasks or policies of the company
◉ B1 or B2 level of language competence in German language in order to meet the daily targets and maintain high quality standards of the company

You can showcase your skills by working as Investment Accountant, Finance Consultant or by working in the areas of transaction Reporting, or other Finance operations and can earn attractive salaries.