Dream Achievers Society

been founded and initiated by Mr Gagandeep Anand with the vision to
provide second thought to people of the society who are willing to
work with a Genuine NGO.


Dream Achievers Society is non commercial and non political organisation
which is influencing people’s life silently without making any Fancy
promtional or marketing activities. The volunteers of the
society believe that People do not require merely big money to
help people. People need respect, value, time, family, friends,
satisfaction, love, affection, social acceptance, confidence,
recognition, care, support, happiness, peace, sleep, dreams etc and
all the essentials can be achieved without money. Though we do
believe money is useful resource and no finacial activities can be
carried out without money but at the same time we find this is not
the only resource. We have been trying to work on SECOND THOUGHT how
can a person achieve his dreams to make life more valuable in the
absence of money.


SECOND THOUGHT believes that one can transform their whole life with
Teacher, Mentor , Guidance, Counselling, Advise, Motivation,
Inspiration, Education, Experience, Training, Information and
True knowledge even if a person has not adequate money. A person
in need is not able access these valuable resources due to
negligence, lack of knowledge and short funds or does not recieve
help on time.

Dream Achievers Society with the help of its members and volunteers takes responsibilty to make good connection between a resourceful person and a person in need. We put efforts to help people by providing them proper and professional guidance and assitance on time at NO COST.



Registered in March 2016 under the Rajasthan Society Registration Act 1958(Rajasthan Act No.28,1958) by Registrar of Society in Ajmer(Rajasthan) with Registration No 214/Ajmer/2016 as an Educational Society.

What We Do Together

1. Organise Blood Donation Camps


2. Aware people about Mental Health by providing emotional support and counselling


3. Financial aid to students through educational scholarships


4. Free Career Guidance sessions for the students, Job Seekers, Working Professionals


 5. Free Behavioural Counselling for those who has personality related conflicts

6. Inspire People to understand Social Responsibilty and serve the society


7. Free Legal Aid to those who are not able to access RIGHT TO JUSTICE due to financial reasons


8. Promote Women Empowerment with Foreign Langauges scholarship ( English, French, Spanish, German)


9. Deal with social problems (i.e. Anxiety, Depression, Suicidal thoughts, Exam Phobia, Stress, Work Pressure…)