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Counselling for Students

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“विध्यार्थी कुतो सुखम, सुखम कुतो विध्यार्थी”

Students who expect leisure cannot get education. It is the moral duty of the students to educate themselves and acquire true knowledge to deal with personal and social challenges. Education is the process which can transform an unknown person into connoisseur. Students require to do work hard to get right education and to gain ultimate knowledge.

A teacher or mentor plays a significant role in the process of blissful process and make this journey enjoyable.

Unfortunately in the present scenario many students are not enjoying the concept of education due to its complex nature and lack of right information.

Students are not in the position to make their own decision as they are distracted by various external factors i.e. Social pressure, luxurious life style, fashion, unwanted shopping etc. They are unable to cope with the personal and social life. Consequently students are getting more confused even after they are receiving many titles of fancy education.

Thus the availability of a professional counsellor and mentor can be useful to overcome their jitters. How Counselling works We listen to the counselee Find out the actual problem or conflicts Analyse their problems Search better career options Maintain healthy conversation so that counselees can speak about their challenges. Provide them psychological support Create positive environment where counselees take their own decision