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Counselling Session for Working Professionals

Actual Price: 13,999/- (Only 13 Seats Left)
Current Price: 6,999/-

In every professional life a moment comes when people experience that they are lacking on the account of motivation and face challenges that how can they boost up their morale and accelerate their professional career. It becomes breath-taking when an unemployed person is seeking a job for the survival where rejection and failure are not easy to handle.

Certain figures shows that more than 50% working professionals are not satisfied with their work as they are unsure about their career and have feeling of insecurity that they might lose their job. People do not want monotonous life rather they love vibrant career options where they could realize their dreams with their professional life.

To support their dreams and give wings to their professional career there is a need of professional counsellor or mentor who can guide them in either way to accomplish their professional goals. Professional counsellors assist people to counter their negative emotions and ambiguity with their professional experience and psychological techniques.

They are the one who guide folks about all the possible ways for their future endeavours. Therefore we provide professional counselling to working professionals and job seekers to make their profile in accordance with the requirements of job market to become more employable, professional and valuable coordinating with their skills, talent, academics and experiences