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Behavioral Counselling

Actual Price: 5000/- (Only 13 Seats Left)
Current Price: 2,799/-

We human beings see dreams and tend to achieve all of them. Whenever we are unto take some important decisions in our lives, we often face some conflicts and challenges before us. Due to lack of right guidance and awareness, students are unable to maintain a good relation between personal and professional life.

As a result they are not able to cope up with the situations and consequently they tend to looses their mental and emotional balance due to frustration. They seeks for professional guidance to overcome this challenge.

In that situation presence of mentor or professional counselors is very essential. Behavioral counseling is the solution of this challenge. A counselor is the person who guides you in right direction. By showing different dimensions to  understand the situation that you’re unaware of. They help you to find out actual conflicts of your life. They support you to maintain an emotional and mental balance which helps you to realize your hidden skills without being judgemental

They analyse your strengths, weakness, and have your back on what you do well and helps you on what account you’re lacking. They help you to find out actual conflicts of your life by doing SWOT ANALYSIS in order to carry out your dreams.