We don't teach language merely. We teach perception.

Nowdays students are facing difficulties related to their career and studies .

The importance of counselling plays very significant role.

G-Race is associated with Dream Achievers Society where students and professionals may book appointment for behavioral and career counseling from experts with no cost.

To analyze and propose solution for specific problems encountered in the area of education and students.


Career Counseling : To solve conflicts related to career in student life career counseling plays significant role.

G-Race provides career counseling for the students who are facing difficulties to choose their career due to lack of appropriate guidance or awareness. G-Race also assist students to get admission in reputed educational institutions with proper career guidance by experts.


Behavioral Counseling : To find the solutions related personal and professional life behavioral counseling can be very useful.

It also helps to remove our phobia and psychological disorders.

To book appointment for career counselin and Behavioral Counseling you are requested to contact personally


Mr. Gagandeep Anand 

Director & Legal Advisor






We will feel happy to see you as Walk-in.

Office Hours 10:00AM to 08:00PM (Sunday Closed)