Learn Chinese

Reasons to learn Chinese

  1. Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world with approximately 1,197,000,000 people speaking Chinese
  2. 14% of the global population speak Chinese.
  3. A Chinese language ability will allow you to delve deeper into China’s cultural riches, by being able to explore renowned Chinese novels, short stories, poetry, film, TV and music.
  4.  Over the last 35 years, China has transformed itself to become arguably the largest global economy allowing Western Mandarin-speaking businessmen to thrive off the nations riches.
  5.  Students of the language are often able to start speaking basic Chinese in as little as a few weeks of beginning their studies.
  6. Only through speaking Chinese can someone really experience everything that China and its millennia-old civilisation has to offer. 
  7. Chinese uses more parts of the brain than are required for other languages.
  8.  Learning to write characters can help with motor skills and visual recognition will keep the mind sharp.
  9. Chinese can give you the ability to gain a foot hold in many companies and advance your position in the modern world.
  10. Chinese may seem like a daunting task to learn and understand but it is in fact one of the most rewarding and fun challenges one can undertake.
Continent / countryCountriesOverseas Chinese populationPercentageYear of data
 ThailandThai Chinese9,392,79214%2012
 MalaysiaMalaysian ChinesePeranakan6,960,90024.6%2010
 United StatesChinese AmericanAmerican-born Chinese3,800,0001.2%2010
 IndonesiaChinese Indonesian2,832,5101.2%2010
 SingaporeChinese Singaporean2,808,30074.1%2011
 MyanmarBurmese ChinesePanthay1,637,540 3%2012
 CanadaChinese CanadianCanadian-born Chinese1,487,5804%2006
 PeruChinese-Peruvian1,300,000 1.5%2005
 PhilippinesChinese FilipinoTornatrasSangley1,146,2501%2005
 VietnamHoaNgáiSan Diu970,9271%2009
 AustraliaChinese Australian866,2004%2011

What you learn

– introduction of  chinese grammar ,pronounciation
-Chinese mandarin script
-word power by music therapy, visual technique.
-listining with text book audio,video clips, chinese songs,.
-chinese presentations in chinese:presentez vous.
-extra curricular activities
-weekend activities(chinese music,movie and dailysoap)
-introduction of chinese culture and rituels
-chinese body language and psychology
-education trips

HSK 2 preperation  : 120 Hrs

HSK 3 preperation : 150 Hrs

HSK 4 Preperation  : 180 Hrs

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